A jam production line is an industrial equipment system used for the production of jam from fruits.

These lines perform operations such as cleaning, chopping, crushing and boiling of fruits automatically or semi-automatically. In the first step, the fruits are washed and peeled. Then, the fruits are chopped and crushed. The resulting fruit puree is mixed with sugar and other ingredients and boiled.

The boiling process allows the jam to get its consistency. At the last stage, the jam is packaged by going through sterilization and packaging processes.

Jam production lines are used in large-scale food processing plants, improving efficiency. Automated processes reduce labor costs while speeding up production processes. Jam production lines are designed to ensure continuous and high-quality jam production.

It protects the product quality by meeting hygienic conditions and provides control of the processing steps. Jam production lines make jam production possible on an industrial scale and facilitate the production of various types of jam.

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