A wine production line is an industrial equipment system used for the fermentation process and wine production from grapes.

These lines include stages such as crushing, fermenting, fermenting, ripening and finally bottling of the grape, starting from the harvesting of the grape. In the first step, the grapes are crushed manually or mechanically and the juice is removed. The resulting grape juice is taken into fermentation tanks and yeasts are added. Yeasts start the fermentation process by converting sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide

In this process, the sugars are depleted and the alcohol content increases. When fermentation is completed, the wine is taken to storage tanks and left to mature. At the final stage, the wine is bottled and presented to the market.

Wine production lines are used on a large scale in wineries. These lines automate the production process and increase efficiency.

It provides quality wine production thanks to controlled fermentation and storage processes. Wine production lines are designed in accordance with hygienic standards and maintain the quality of the wine. Wine production lines make it possible to produce wine on an industrial scale and support the production of various wine varieties.

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