A molasses production line is an industrial equipment system used for converting grapes, grape juice, or other fruit juices into molasses.

These lines perform the operations required for molasses production automatically or semi-automatically. In the first step, the fruits are ground and the resulting dough is mixed with water. Then, the mixture is boiled and takes on the consistency of juice. During the boiling process, molasses is condensed by removing water vapor. Then, the molasses is filtered and brought to the desired consistency.

Finally, the molasses undergoes sterilization and packaging processes before being packaged.

Molasses production lines are used by large-scale molasses manufacturers, improving their efficiency. The automatic working system speeds up production processes while reducing labor costs.

Molasses production lines are designed to ensure continuous and high-quality production. These lines play an important role in the production of molasses and make it possible to produce molasses on an industrial scale.

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